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The most extreme personal injury a family can suffer is the death of a loved one from the negligence of another person. Pain, suffering, and sometimes crushing legal bills can overwhelm you when you are at an emotional low point, grieving for your lost family member. Your family member suffered greatly and now you are suffering. While nothing can bring your family member back, making sure the responsible party is assessed their fair share of the damages they caused is the only way you can try to ensure that person never causes another person the grief, suffering, and anger that you feel. That’s where a Lake Charles personal injury attorney can help.

Why Do You Need a Lake Charles Personal Injury Attorney?

An experienced personal injury firm like Colonna Law Firm, LLC can answer all of your questions you may have following the death of a loved one. We can also help navigate the claim process and speak with the insurance company representing the person who took your loved one away from you.

Let me take over so that you can begin the healing process.

You have to remember that the insurance company you are facing has one goal in mind: to minimize what they pay you for the injuries they’re insured caused you and the family member you just lost.

The insurance company is protecting their insured. Who is protecting you? An experienced Lake Charles personal injury attorney likes Colonna Law Firm, LLC. We can help guide you through the process to ensure that you receive the maximum award for all of your injuries and recover from all the injuries your loved one suffered. We offer free consultations with no strings attached. We offer to explain this in person so that even if you choose another option, you still are given some basic guidance to not make any mistakes when dealing with the insurance company.

What kind of injuries do car accidents cause?

Wrongful death is the most extreme injury that a person can face. Wrongful death injuries include the injuries suffered by your loved one prior to their death as well as the injuries you suffer from the loss of your loved one. These injuries include both the physical suffering as well as the lost income of your deceased love one. If your loved one has children, it is vitally important to hire an experienced personal injury attorney in the Lake Charles area to ensure they receive the maximum they have lost from the death of their parent.

When you an involved in a car accident, you will suffer many injuries. Some injuries are obvious, like medical bills you must pay for treatment of your physical injuries, but some injuries are hidden. You may miss work for treatment yots. You may suffer an injury that requires a long, painful road to recovery. You may suffer an injury that prevents you from working. What you can’t afford is an inexperienced attorney who does not know how to identify your damages, so that you can recover all your damages. These injuries could impact you for the rest of your life and you need to make sure you choose an experienced personal injury firm like Colonna Law Firm, LLC to guide you through this process.

How much are my injuries worth?

Wrongful death claims are the most complicated awards in personal injury. Complicated economic calculations must be made to assess future earnings. Thousands of pages of medical records must be reviewed to form an accurate estimate of the pain and suffering of your lost loved one.

The best way to ensure you receive the maximum award is to ensure that there is a proper plan in place. When a death is involved, the claim can easily surpass a million dollars. This is simply too much of a burden for most firms to handle, even most personal injury firms. Most personal injury firms have never handled a case that is this complicated, in-depth, or intricate. The difference between a small personal injury claim and a wrongful death claim is like the difference in football and basketball. Sure, they’re both sports but they are nothing alike. The Lake Charles personal injury attorney at Colonna Law Firm, LLC has worked multiple cases that have surpassed one million dollars in his career and we understand how to coordinate all the necessary factors and maximize the awards from these claims.

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