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Jacob jacob Aug. 15, 2018

Colonna Law Firm, LLC offers full legal services to the Lake Charles area. I have represented clients in all manner of cases. I have handled personal injury cases including simple car wreck cases, 18-wheeler wrecks, car wreck cases involving very serious injuries, car wrecks involving traumatic brain injuries, and slip and fall cases. I have represented many former clients in criminal cases, including major felony criminal cases, major drug charges, minor drug charges, theft charges, DWI, and possession of marijuana. I also have experienced in contested divorce, uncontested divorce, custody, and visitation matters.

Through the use of my diverse legal background and cutting edge technology, I can offer my clients not only efficient and inexpensive legal services, but I can also provide the individual attention my customers deserve. Due to this, I am able to offer very reasonable rates for criminal, divorce, and personal injury matters. Most importantly, I remember that the legal profession is a service industry, and I gear all aspects of my firm towards better serving my clients and their interests.

Colonna Law Firm, LLC Offers Cheap, Uncontested Divorce Services for The Lake Charles Area. Call Today to Find out Our Rates.

If you need a quick, uncontested divorce, Colonna Law firm offers very low rates to complete them. For as low as $500.00 (plus all court costs and filing fees), you can get divorced.

I also handle select contested custody and contested divorce matters.

Colonna Law Firm, LLC Represents Personal Injury Cases Throughout Louisiana!

Colonna Law Firm, LLC generally only practices criminal law almost in the Lake Charles area, including including Lake Charles, Sulphur, and Westlake.

However, if you are injured, Colonna Law Firm, LLC will gladly also travel to Lafayette, DeRidder, Jennings, Oberlin, Baton Rouge, and the New Orleans area to represent you and get what you deserve for your injuries.

Contact me today if you have a legal question. If I cannot answer your question, I will gladly refer you to any number of attorneys across Louisiana that I know who are experts in that field.


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